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almond cookie,Almond cake

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Almond Biscuit is a type of biscuit that is made with almonds. They are a common biscuit in many different cuisines, and take many forms.Chinese almond cookies are a popular treat at Chinese bakeries.

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Xingren doufu, almond jelly

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Annin Tofu is a soft, jellied dessert made of almond milk, agar, and sugar.

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The noodles, delicate and slippery, are made of mung bean starch and served cold with a flavorful sauce, varying depending on the region. This dish is most popular in the summer due to its refreshing nature (and probably …

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刨冰, Shaved Ice

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Classic Bao Bing is topped with red azuki beans, mung beans, taro balls, peanuts. It is further sweetened with sugar syrup or condensed milk. Bao Bing often is also enriched with fresh fruit, especially mango. The ice could …

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Beef chow fun is a staple Cantonese dish, made from stir-frying beef, hefen (wide rice noodles) and bean sprouts and is commonly found in yum cha restaurants in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and even overseas, as well as in …

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Beef version of friend rice

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Chinese dish with wheat flour noodles. It often contains vegetables and some type of meat or seafood, usually beef, chicken, pork, shrimp or wontons. It can also be eaten with just vegetables. Traditionally this is a variation of …

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niu rou mian

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Beef Noodles Soup is a Chinese and Taiwanese noodle soup made of stewed or red braised beef, beef broth, vegetables and Chinese noodles. This may be the quintessential Taiwanese comfort food.

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Stir-Fry flank steak with Scallions

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It is popular at Chinese wedding. Hong Kong and the United States.Soak bird’s nest overnight. Then remove water and clean.In a stockpot add cooking oil and boil the chicken stock then add in birds nest.

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Black Sesame Rice Cake is a Chinese traditional cake made with glutinous rice and sesame. Black Sesame Ricecakes are distinctive and wheat free with square shape.

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芝麻糊, 芝麻糊, zhīmahú

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Black sesame soup is a popular east-Asian and Chinese dessert widely available throughout China, Hong Kong and Singapore. It is typically served hot. In Cantonese cuisine it takes the form of tong sui, or sweet soup, with greater …

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芝蔴汤圆, Black Sesame Tang Yuan

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A popular breakfast or dessert fare made from glutinous rice balls with sweet black sesame filling. The chewy balls are either served rolled in chopped nuts or in a bowl of sweet ginger broth.

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Boorsoq, Bauyrsaq, Baursak

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Boortsog is a type of fried dough food found in the cuisines of some countries. It is shaped into either triangles or sometimes spheres.The dough consists of flour, yeast, milk, eggs, margarine, salt, and sugar.

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Asian eggplant braised with garlic, chilies, soy sauce and finished with basil.

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Pearl Milk Tea, Boba-Milk Tea

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Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in Taichung in the 1980s. Most bubble tea recipes contain a tea base mixed/shaken with fruit or milk, to which chewy tapioca balls or fruit jellies are often added. The "bubble" refers to the …

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羅漢齋, 罗汉斋, luóhàn zhāi, lo han jai, lo hon…

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The dish is traditionally enjoyed by Buddhist monks who are vegetarians, but it has also grown in popularity throughout the world as a common dish available as a vegetarian option in Chinese restaurants. The dish consists of various …

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It is common to the cuisines of the Balkans, Central, Northern, Eastern Europe, and Iran, as well as West Asia and Northern China. Meat fillings are traditional in Europe, often beef, lamb, or pork seasoned with garlic, onion, …

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Garlic Chive Stir Fry With Pork, 苍蝇头

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Cang Ying Tou is a stir fry made of garlic chive and ground pork

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海皇羹, 海皇羹, hǎihuáng gēng

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Cantonese seafood soup is one of the main seafood soups within Cantonese cuisine. It is commonly found in Hong Kong, and is also available in Chinatowns in other nations. The soup is usually considered midrange to high-end in …

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