Catalan Cuisine


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Samfaina is a Catalan - Valencian dish based on diced eggplant and zucchini, a sofrito of chopped garlic and onion and grated tomato, cooked in olive oil.

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Sarró De Cabra

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Sarró de Cabra is a traditional Spanish cheese produced in Moia near Barcelona. It's made from pasteurized goat's milk and usually ages for 2 months. Sarró de Cabra is typically wrapped in a napkin that gives the cheese …

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Suquet de peix is a Catalan potato-based seafood stew. It is made with any kind of fresh fish or seafood, potatoes, white wine, and fish stock, flavoured with paprika and saffron. The stew is elevated with the addition …

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Trinxat is a food from the Pyrenees, principally Andorra and the Catalan counties of Cerdanya and Alt Urgell. It is made with potatoes, cabbage and pork meat, and resembles Bubble and Squeak.

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Tupí is a traditional Catalan cheese made from cow's, goat's, or sheep's milk that is mixed with liqueurs or olive oil. The cheese is fermented in a clay pot (called tupí, hence the name) and has an intense, …

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Zarzuela de mariscos is a traditional Catalan seafood stew. Although the dish is similar to Marseille's bouillabaise, it's more rustic because it contains ground almonds, and the flavours are bolder due to ingredients such as cured pork, peppers, …

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