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Eid Al Adha is a very holy festival throughout the Muslim country. On this day animals like cow, goat, sheep, camel, and other halal animals are slaughtered. Different dishes are made at home with fresh meat. Again many desserts are also made.

1. Harcha

Harsha (Moroccan)

Harcha (or Harsha) is a Moroccan pan-fried bread made from semolina. Although it looks a bit like an English muffin, it's more like cornbread in texture and taste. Recipes for harcha vary from family to family. This one is quite rich in that it uses all butter and milk—it is delicious, especially when hot from the griddle!

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2. Herbel

Moroccan Wheat Soup (Moroccan)

Herbel is a creamy Moroccan Wheat Soup made with whole wheat kernels, salt, milk, butter, orange flower water, cinnamon, butter, honey. It is similar to rice porridge. It is can be taken as breakfast. But during Eid Al Adha it is taken as a morning breakfast. It is extremely delicious.

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3. Krachel

Moroccan Sweet Rolls (Moroccan)

Krachel are the Moroccan Sweet Rolls made with flour, butter, eggs, lemon, anise seed, yeast, orange flower water.
During Eid Al Adha it is taken as a morning breakfast. Krachel can also be served with tea or different spreads like chocolate or jam.

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4. Boulfaf

Grilled Lamb Liver (Moroccan)

Boulfaf is a simple dish of grilled lamb or beef liver made in Morocco every year for Eid al Adha. It is made with beef or lamb liver, caul fat, cumin powder, cayenne pepper, sweet paprika. .It is extremely delicious Morrocan dish.

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5. Mokh


Mokh is Moroccan traditional food made during Eid Al Adha. It is made with sheep brains or calf brain, garlic, cilantro, salt, sweet paprika, ground cumin, cayenne, tomato. It can be served as a side dish during lunch.

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6. Tkalia

Douara (Moroccan)

Tkalia also called Doura is a Tripe stew made with tripes, onion, garlic, herbs, lemon, cumin powder, red chilly powder, paprika, olives. It is usually made during Eid AL Adha. As the animal is slaughtered , fresh tripes are found and tasty dishes are made with it.

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7. El Hergma

Hargma, Fraquesh (Moroccan)

El Hergma also called Hargma and Fraquesh is a traditional dish of morocco. It is mostly made during Eid AL Adha. It is prepared with calves or lamb feet, chickpeas, wheat berries, golden raisins, onions, garlic, cinnamon, paprika, salt, cumin, herbs. It is usually served with rice or flatbread.

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8. L'ham M'hammar

Moroccan Braised And Roasted Lamb (Moroccan)

L'ham M'hammar is the traditional food of morocco. It is made during Eid AL Adha using the lamb shoulder from freshly slaughtered lamb. It is prepared with lamb shoulder, saffron, oil, cumin, paprika, black pepper, white pepper, onion, garlic. It is very delicious in taste.

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9. Kouah

Grilled Liver Kebabs (Moroccan)

Kouah also called Grilled liver kebabs is a Morrocan dish made during Eid Al Adha. It is similar to Boulfaf. Koah is prepared with lamb or calf liver, heart, kidney fat, sweet paprika, cumin, salt. The kebabs are grilled over charcoal which creat smoky flavor in the kebab. The kebab can be served with tomato salad.

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