Gatte Ki Sabji

Gatta Curry, Besan Gatte Ki Sabji (Indian)

gram flour(besan), spices, onions, tomatoes, curd

Gatte ki sabji is a Mouth-watering delicacy from Rajasthani Cuisine which has Gram flour (Besan) dumplings as the main ingredient. In this Gatte Ki Sabji recipe, Curd can be completely omitted by increasing the tomato puree quantity as I have used the base of onion-tomato along with some curd for gravy. Gatte Ki Sabji is also called Gatta curry or Besan gatte ki sabji.
t tastes good with Bajra roti, Jowar Roti, Missi Roti, or even chapati or Rice.

Created Dec. 1, 2020 by: geetakiduniya

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