Mozambican Cuisine


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Bolo Polana is a Mozambican dessert made of cashew and potato. Polana is the name of a neighborhood in Maputo, Mozambique’s capital. This cake is a great example of the combination of Portuguese and Mozambique ingredients. The unique …

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Matapa is a typical Mozambican dish, prepared with young cassava leaves, which are usually ground in a large wooden mortar and pestle before cooked with garlic, onion and coconut milk. Many "Matapa" dishes add cashew nuts, crab or …

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Ncima is Mozambican dish eaten by locals as its staple dish on an almost daily basis. The dish is ground maize boiled with water until it turns into a thick porridge. It is best served with stewed meat …

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Pao as they are popularly called can be found almost everywhere in Mozambique. They are bread rolls typically made in wood–fired ovens and the texture is quite light and fluffy. You would enjoy it most when it is …

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Piri-piri Sauce, Peri Peri

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Piri piri sauce is traditionally made with sweet pimento peppers as well as spicy chiles, and often contains garlic as well as onions, occasionally some herbs, and usually a splash of lemon, vinegar, or even whiskey. All these …

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