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Laping is a spicy cold mung bean noodle dish in Tibetan cuisine. Laping is a street food. It can be eaten with red pepper chili, cilantro and green onion sauce. The noodles have a slippery texture and are served with a soy sauce gravy. It ...

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mog mog, dumpling

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Momo is a type of steamed bun with some form of filling. Momo has become a traditional delicacy in Nepal, Tibet and among Nepalese/Tibetan communities in Bhutan, as well as Sikkim state and Darjeeling district of India. It is one of the most popular fast ...

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Sha Phaley


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Tibetan dish of bread stuffed with seasoned beef and cabbage, which is then fashioned into semi-circular or circular shapes and which according to regional variations is either deep fried or pan fried like pot stickers.

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