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Style of Chinese cuisine developed by Americans of Chinese descent. The dishes served in many North American Chinese restaurants are adapted to American tastes and differ significantly from those found in China. Of the various regional cuisines in China, Cantonese cuisine has been the most influential in the development of American Chinese food, especially that of Toisan, the origin of most early immigrants

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Deep friend boneless pieces of chicken in a sweet and sour sauce.
Crab Rangoon is a fried wonton skins stuffed with (usually) artificial crab meat (surimi) and cream cheese.
Royal Beef is a deep-fried sliced beef, doused in a wine sauce and often served with steamed broccoli.
(0 ) 青椒牛,青椒牛肉, qīngjiāo … (American Chinese) (Chinese)
It is consists of sliced steak, green bell peppers, tomatoes, and white or green onions stir-fried with salt, sugar, and …
flank steak cut into small pieces, stir-fried with broccoli, and covered in a dark sauce made with soy sauce and …
(0 ) Sweet bun (American Chinese)
yeast rolls, typically fried, covered in granulated sugar or powdered sugar. Some variants are stuffed with cream cheese or icing.
It is usually contains sliced or shredded chicken, uncooked leafy greens, crispy noodles (or fried wonton skins) and sesame dressing. …
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