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Paneer Crispy

Crispy Paneer

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Paneer crispy, a super-delicious indo chinese starter!

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Paneer Khurchan

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Paneer Khurchan is a delicious semi gravy dish of sauteed paneer, capsicum, tomato, and onion with a thick onion-tomato gravy base. Pair paneer khurchan with chapati, jowar roti, tandoori roti, naan, lachcha paratha or rice and your scrumptious meal is set!

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Paneer Ki Sabji

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Paneer ki sabji, a delicious gravy with spiced pan-fried paneer!

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Paneer Lababdar

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Paneer lababdar, a scrumptious restaurant-style paneer preparation!

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Paneer Pulao

Paneer Ka Pulao, Paneer Rice

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Paneer Pulao is a Delicious preparation of rice with spices, onion-tomato and Indian cottage cheese(Paneer). It can be served with raita, curd, papad or pickle.

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Papad Ki Sabzi

Papad Curry, Rajastani Papad Ki Sabji

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Papad Ki Sabzi is a curry made from papad in tomato or curd base or in the combination of tomatoes and curd both.

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Pizza Dosa

Italian Dosa

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Pizza Dosa is a delicious fusion dish and a perfect snack item for kids!

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Red Sauce Pasta

Penne Pasta With Red Sauce, Veg Pasta Rec…

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Red sauce pasta is made by tossing al dente(slightly undercooked) pasta in the red sauce, flavored with herbs and garlic. The pasta looks more tempting and tastes better when the cheese is added to it. The addition of veggies to red sauce pasta is optional. …

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Roti Churma

Sindhi Kutti

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Roti churma also called sindh kutti is a sindhi breakfast delicacy that can be made in 15 minutes!!

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Seyal Phulka

Seyal Maani, Sindhi Seyal Phulka, Sindhi …

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Seyal Phulka is a Sindhi delicacy (from Indian cuisine) made from leftover rotis in spiced ginger, garlic and tomato gravy.

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Sindhi Besan Tikki Ki Sabji

Sindhi Besan Tikki Ki Sabzi, Sindhi Besan…

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Sindhi Besan ki Tikki ki Sabji is a popular dish from Sindhi cuisine(Indian Food). Gram flour is the main ingredient of the recipe to make tikkis. Those flavored patties/Tikkis are cooked in onion-tomato gravy.

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Sindhi Bhuga Chawal

Sindhi Pulao, Sindhi Onion Pulao, Bhuga C…

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Bhuga Chawal is a simple and delectable delicacy of Sindhi Cuisine which is made by caramelizing the onions. It is also called Sindhi Pulao or Bhuga Chawar or Sindhi browned onion pulao. Onions are the main ingredient of the recipe

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Sindhi Kadhi

Sindhi Besan Kadhi, Sindhi Curry

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Sindhi Kadhi is a Sindhi cuisine’s flavorful gram flour(Besan) based curry with lots of vegetables and tanginess of tamarind (imli). Sindhi Kadhi tastes the best with steamed white rice called chawar or chawal. Delicious Sindhi Kadhi Chawal is very much part of the Sindhi festivities …

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Sindhi Koki

Koki Paratha, Sindhi Paratha

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Koki is a popular Sindhi breakfast Recipe so you will find this in the weekly menu of almost every Sindhi household. If you are traveling then this is the right option to pack as it can stay fresh for long. Koki is called Sindhi Paratha …

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Sindhi Sai Bhaji

Sai Bhaji Sindhi Style, Sindhi Dal Palak

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Sindhi Sai bhaji is a delicious and healthy preparation of Bengal gram(Chana Dal) and spinach, The name sai bhaji means green vegetable. It is also called Sindhi dal palak, dal means lentil and palak means spinach. This Sindhi cuisine dish is very healthy as it …

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Veg Hara Bhara Kabab

Hariyali Kabab Veg

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Hara Bhara Kabab is a tempting and delicious appetizer from Indian Cuisine!

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