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List of dishes, foods, and beverages that are normally consumed for breakfast in India.

1. Thepla


Thepla is a soft Indian flatbread typical of Gujarati cuisine and especially popular among Jains.
It is typically enjoyed as a breakfast, or can be eaten for snacks with hot tea or can be eaten as lunch also as a side dish with a meal, or as a snack in the late afternoon. Thepla can be made with wheat flour, besan (gram flour), methi (fenugreek leaves), and other spices. Thepla can be enjoyed together with dahi (yogurt), red garlic chutney, and …

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2. Daliya Kheer

Meetha Daliya (Indian)

Daliya Kheer or Meetha Daliya is a healthy and delicious Indian dessert made with broken or cracked wheat. Daliya Kheer is a popular breakfast dish in India and more so in the Northern part of the country. Dalia is made from whole wheat kernels, which are broken into smaller pieces. Sweet Dalia is made by cooking Dalia in milk and sugar. Additionally, cardamom seeds, fine pieces of almond, saffron and raisins can also be added to enhance the taste and …

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3. Idli Sambhar

Idly Sambhar (Indian)

The most favorite south Indian dish, common as the breakfast item and served with a combination of chutney and sambar. Sambhar which tastes so good with idlis and vadas is made with tamarind and pigeon peas.

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4. Gobi Paratha


Gobi paratha is a type of paratha or parantha (flatbread), originating from the Indian subcontinent, that is stuffed with flavoured cauliflower and vegetables. It is usually consumed during breakfast along with curd, butter or pickle. It is prepared with flour, ghee, cauliflower, ginger, spices, coriander, salt.

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5. Paneer Paratha


Paneer paratha is an Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour and cottage cheese stuffing. It is a popular breakfast recipe in Punjabi homes. It is prepared with flour, water, oil, butter, paneer, spices, salt, green chilli, salt. It Is usually served with pickles. It is similar to the paratha. It tastes delicious.

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6. Wheat Parotta

Godhumai Parotta, Kerala Paratha (Indian)

Wheat parotta is a popular kerala style crisp flaky multi layered flatbread made with whole wheat flour.

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