Sudanese Cuisine


Spicy Peanut Meat Skewer

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Agashé is a stable of popular Saudi street food. Marinated meat is coated in a spicy penut powder, put in skewers and grilled. It has an interesting history; agashé’s godfather is suya, from Nigeria. Suya came here through …

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عصيدة‎, ‘aṣīdah, Aseeda

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Asida is a dish with origins from Arabia, made of a cooked wheat flour lump of dough, sometimes with added butter or honey. Similar in texture to gruel, it is eaten in many North African and Middle Eastern …

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Elmaraara is a popular porridge eaten as an appetizer in Sudan. It is made of parts of sheep like the lungs, liver, and stomach. Onions, peanut butter, and salt are added. it is eaten raw.

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Elmussalammiya is a traditional soup from the northern part of Sudan, full of spices and rich in flavors that typically include liver, flour, dates, and vegetables.

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Goraasa be Dama is a Sudanese dish composed of beef stew served over easy flatbread. Flatbread is mostly found in a variety of Sudanese dishes.

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Kajaik is a popular Sudanese fish stew. It consists of dry fish and is normally eaten together with porridge and with some additional margarine to enhance the flavors. Kajaik has its origins traced back to South Sudan and …

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Kissra, كسرة

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Kisra (also spelled kissra) is a popular thin fermented bread made in Chad, Sudan and South Sudan. It is made from durra or wheat. There are two different forms of kisra: thin baked sheets, known as kisra rhaheeefa, …

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Sweetened Semolina

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Kuindiong is a traditional dessert made of sweetened semolina typically served as a special welcome dish by the Dinka people in Southern Sudan and South Sudan.

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Rice Stuffed Vegetables, محشي

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Mahshi literally means ‘Stuffed’. Mahshi is a traditional Arabian method of preparing stuffed vegetables and different types of squash in many middle eastern countries. There are many variations of stuffing but the most common incorporate rice and minced …

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This unique dish is a must-have on iftar tables if you come from Sudan. It is a soup like a dish that consists of many components including dried onions, minced meat, crush peanuts, tomato sauce, flour, spices and …

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Sabaroag is a Sudanese stew mainly made from dried meat, dried onions, spices and peanut butter, with milk and yoghurt as additional options.

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سلطة الجزر, Салат Забиди, Carrot Salad

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Salaat Jazar is a popular Sudanese carrot salad.

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Umfitit is an appetizer that is served in Sudan. The main ingredients of Umfitit are sheep lungs, liver and stomach. Apart from sheep lungs, liver and stomach, peanut butter, onion, and salt are also added. This is eaten …

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