Nigerian Cuisine


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Agege bread is a soft but dense sweet white bread made from a rich, low-yeast dough. The dough will take its time to rise. Its preparation fits a standard Pullman loaf pan preparation. It is served in thick …

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Acaraje, Koos

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Akara is a deep fried snack made of crushed and cooked black eyed peas with shredded onions, pepper, and salt, using palm oil. It is crispy and crunchy, it is an ideal traditional Nigerian breakfast item that tastes …

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Bole, Roasted Plantain

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Bole is a roasted plantain dish in Nigeria. It is native to Yoruba people of Nigeria. It is referred to as Boli in South West Nigeria and eaten with groundnut.

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Roasted Plantain And Groundnut

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Boli (roasted plantain) is a popular and delicious Nigerian street food, It is a very simple and easy dish. It is made with only two ingredients which are plantain and groundnut. These two combos is enjoyed by Nigerian …

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foofoo, fufuo, foufou, Akpu, Loi Loi, San…

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Cassava Fufu is regarded as the most traditional Nigerian fufu meal. There are powder versions of other Nigerian fufu meals which makes it easy for modern day ajebutters to prepare them. ----- Cassava Fufu is a staple food …

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Chapman is a non-alcoholic drink, usually of the red color. It is Africas and Nigeria's favourite drink. It is made with a mix of Fanta, Sprite, Cucumber, Lemon, Grenadine and Angostura bitters. It is enjoyed at Christmas.

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Chin Chin is one of Africas and Nigeria's favorite snack. It is made with egg, milk, baking powder, butter, sugar, flour. This is a must-have snack during Christmas.

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Ewa G

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Ewa Agoyin is a street food commonly eaten in Lagos and other southern states of Nigeria. The beans are made to be extremely soft or mashed. It is commonly eaten with barely ground pepper and tomato sauce which …

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Ewa Agoyin is a delicious cooked bean served with spicy stew. Most Nigerians love eating Eaw Agoyin with the popular Nigerian bread called Agege Bread. The main ingredients are flour, sugar, salt, milk, beans, Cameroon pepper, dry shombo, …

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In West Africa Garri is the powdery food material flour made from the tuberous roots of the cassava plant, which in the process of its manufacture is changed into dry edible granules. Wikipedia

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Kachumbari is a fresh tomato and onion salad dish that is popular in the cuisines of the African Great Lakes region. It is an uncooked salad dish consisting of chopped tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers. Wikipedia

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Kunu kunu, Kunu-kunu

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kunu kunu also known as Kunu Zaki, is a non-alcoholic Nigerian beverage made of germinated grain known as millet. This drink is popular in Northern Nigeria and prepared mostly by the Hausas. The key ingredient used in preparing …

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Bean Pudding, Moi moi

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Moi moi (also called moin moin) is a delicious, savory steamed bean pudding made commonly in Nigeria from a mixture of blended black-eyed peas or beans, peppers, onions, and spices.

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Okpa is popular street food from the Eastern part of Nigeria. It is made from Bambara nuts that has been dried and ground to flour. It tastes really good.

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Akamu, Pap

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it is as a custard/porridge made using the raw, fermented starch from ground white or yellow maize. The maize is soaked for a few days, ground to a paste and sieved to remove husks. The (raw) ogi is …

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Pepper Snail is a Nigerian street food made with jumbo snails, seafood bouillon powder, shrimp powder, bonnet peppers, bell pepper. The spicy, chewy goodness of peppered snail consists of boiled snails sautéed in onions, peppers, and spice. This …

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Peppersoup is a West African soup that is prepared using various meats, fish, chilli peppers and nutmeg as primary ingredients. Peppersoup is a spicy soup that has a light, watery texture. Pepper soup is a common soup in …

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Plantain Chips is a crunchy street snack in Nigeria. They are made either with ripe or unripe plantain or banana. These chips taste delicious.

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Epa, Roasted Peanuts

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Groundnut or Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) is a major crop grown in the arid and semi-arid zone of Nigeria. It is either grown for its nut, oil or its vegetative residue (haulms). While some eat it with roasted plantain …

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