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Eggplant Omelet

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Tortang Talong which is also called Eggplant Omelet is a Filipino dish made with eggplants, eggs, salt, black pepper, oil, crab meat, fish sauce. It is similar to Omelet but eggplant is added with crab fish to enhance …

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Tuyo and Egg is a Filipino dish that combines Tuyo (Salted dried fish), fried eggs and tomato.

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Ukoy is the Filipino version of shrimp fritters. Small shrimps (usually with head and shell on) are mixed in a batter and fried until crispy. This is can be an appetizer, a main dish, or a mid afternoon …

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Vigan empanadas are deep-fried, resulting in a crispy shell-like dough that’s very different from the soft, semi-sweet dough used in other types of Filipino empanadas. Fillings vary but Vigan empanadas typically contain grated green papaya, mung bean sprouts, …

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