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The Vojvodina is located in the north part of the Republic of Serbia. In the history, due to its geographical position, the Vojvodina has been subject to a variety of cultural, traditional and other influences.

Results of different cultures mixture through the history and people who have interfered in that territory you can find on every step, but the most are in Vojvodina’s cuisine today.
Especially great influence on the Vojvodina’s cuisine had the Germans arrival. They have brought their customs, way of cooking, wine, words,… Famous Serbian songwriter and singer Djordje Balasevic describes on the best way Vojvodina’s cuisine in his songs today.

Also, especially large impact on the Vojvodina’s cuisine had a Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian cuisine, so no wonder why the tourists like to enjoy in the specific taste of Serbian cakes, Hungarian stew with onion and pepper, German steak.

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