Circassian Cuisine


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Adyghe cuisine consists of many different traditional dishes, varying by season. The summertime traditional dishes are mainly dairy products and vegetables.In winter and spring, the traditional dishes mostly consist of flour and meat. Traditional dishes include ficcin, seasoned chicken or turkey with sauce, boiled mutton and beef with a seasoning of sour milk along with salt and crushed garlic.

Among the many varieties of cheese in the North Caucasus, Circassian cheese is the most popular one.

Different variants of pasta can be found in Circassia, one such type is the manti that is filled with potato or lamb, and served with butter, yoghurt, and spices. Manti is similar to ravioli, but it is served with butter and yoghurt, though sometimes tomato can be added as well. Manti may be fried, as well as boiled.

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Haliva is a fried dough turnover filled with either potatoes or Circassian cheese.
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