• 10 Must-Eat Peruvian Dishes to Seek Out

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Peru is the Hope Diamond of Latin America, home to dishes and flavors you won't find anywhere else. While this is hardly a secret—there are more Peruvian restaurants outside Peru than ever before—it's one we don't give enough credit. Few places on earth offer such a variety of indigenous ingredients, let alone a jumble of flavors and techniques from Europe, Africa, and East Asia. Rather than remain culturally segregated, these foreign additions have blended seamlessly with ancient Peruvian cuisine into ...

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    Cebiche De Mero (Peruvian) Cebiche De Mero

    Dish staple form the north of Peru. It is a cebiche where the fish used is the Mero


    Lomo Saltado (Peruvian) Lomo Saltado

    Lomo saltado is a popular, traditional peruvian dish, a stir fry that typically combines marinated strips of sirloin, or other beef steak, with onions, tomatoes, and other ingredients, served with fried potato ...


    Aji de Gallina (Peruvian) Aji de Gallina

    Aji de Gallina, a spicy chicken stew, is a popular Peruvian dish especially on Lima's "cold" winter days. Aji de Gallina consists of thin chicken strips served in a savory creamy yellow ...


    Papa A La Huancaina (Peruvian) Papa A La Huancaina

    Papa a la Huancaína is a Peruvian appetizer of boiled yellow potatoes in a spicy, creamy sauce called Huancaína sauce


    Cuy (Peruvian) Cuy

    Guinea pig fried, grilled or roasted. There is little meat and a lot of bones.


    Causa Rellena (Peruvian) Causa Rellena

    Appetizer made of cold mushed potato sesoned with yellow chili and lime. Normally stuffed with chicken or tuna salad


    Rocoto Relleno (Peruvian) Rocoto Relleno

    Rocoto relleno is a Peruvian dish which originated from the city of Arequipa, a city in the Andes mountains located in the southern parts of Peru. This dish is made by stuffing ...


    Arroz Con Pato (Peruvian) Arroz Con Pato

    This Peruvian-style arroz con Pato gets its green color from cilantro, and the broth is flavored with beer. The Peruvian touch includes using aji amarillo and a cilantro purée, which makes it ...


    Pollo A La Brasa (Peruvian) Pollo A La Brasa

    Pollo a la Brasa, also known as Peruvian chicken, is one of the most consumed dishes in the country. Originally only seasoned with salt and cooked in charcoal today the chicken is ...


    Anticuchos (Peruvian) Anticuchos

    Anticuchos (singular anticucho, Quechua for Cut Stew Meat) are popular and inexpensive dishes that originated in Peru, also popular in other Andean states consisting of small pieces of grilled skewered meat. Anticuchos ...