Bosnian And Herzegovina Cuisine


Bečki Odrezak

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Bečka Šnicla or Bečki Odrezak is a Breaded cutlet eaten in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is made of veal or beef and usually served with mashed potatoes. It is garnished with a slice of lemon and lettuce.

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Bey’s Soup

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Slow-cooked chicken and vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and celery, boil into a thick, creamy stew making a warm appetiser. Bey’s is often served with a sour cream or sauce in a clay bowl and locals cook and …

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Bosanski Lonac

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Bosnian Pot is a Bosnian stew, a culinary speciality appreciated for its rich taste and flexibility. it has been described as a national dish of Bosnia. Typical ingredients are beef, lamb, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, parsley, garlic, peppercorns …

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Cevapi is a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of skinless sausage.

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It is the Bosnian version. Imagine a dough stuffed with either tangy cheese or meat (lamb or beef) before being steamed to create a soft ravioli-like texture. Klepe comes with a yoghurt or garlic sauce and almost melts …

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Grah, Prebranac

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Pasulj is a bean soup made of usually white, cranberry or pinto beans, and more rarely kidney beans, that is common in Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Croatian and Slovenian cuisine

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The traditional ingredients include eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, black pepper, vegetable oil, sugar and salt. Pindjur is similar to ajvar but is generally made with aubergines.

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Tel Helva, Çekme Helva, Tel Tel, Tepme He…

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Pişmaniye is a Turkish and Bosnian sweet in fine strands made by blending flour roasted in butter into pulled sugar. It is sometimes garnished with ground pistachio nuts. Although it is sometimes compared to cotton candy, both the …

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Popara is a meal made with bread. It is mostly made in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Turkey and Montenegro.

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Proja is a Balkan dish made of corn flour, baking powder, sunflower oil, sparkling water and salt. Proha is an alternative name used in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Ruske Kape is a type of cake dessert served in Balkan countries, especially in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia made with Coconut, chocolate.

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Tufahije is a Bosnian dessert made of walnut-stuffed apples stewed in water with sugar.

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It doughnut-like fried dough balls popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia where they are known as "miške".

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