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    1. Aji de Gallina (Peruvian)

    Aji de Gallina, a spicy chicken stew, is a popular Peruvian dish especially on Lima's "cold" winter days. Aji de Gallina consists of thin chicken strips served in a savory creamy yellow ...

    Rincon Peruano

    2. Pollo Al Horno (Peruvian)

    Roasted chicken

    La limeña

    3. Pescado Frito (Peruvian)

    Very common lunch dish in Peru. Fried fish filet or whole fish accompanied by white rice, roasted potatoes and salad

    El Mesón, barra brava

    4. Estofado De Pollo (Peruvian)

    This dish is from French gastronomy, adopted in Peru. It is a mixture of vegetables and meat (either chicken or beef), which in a process of slow cooking allows ingredients contribute their ...

    La Lameña grill