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The cuisine of the Volga Tatars takes its origin from the cuisine of the Volga Bulgars, who once were nomads, but nearly 1500 years ago turned to agriculture and assimilated into local agricultural societies.

Tatar cuisine was influenced by the surrounding peoples – Russians, Mari, Udmurts, and also peoples of Central Asia, especially Uzbeks. Dishes such as pilaw (pilaf), halvah (xälwä), and sherbet (şirbät) entered long ago into the Tatar culture. Tatars became familiar with many elements of Russian cuisine …

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1. Qistibi


Qistibi is a popular traditional dish in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. Qistibi is roasted flatbreads with various fillings inside. The dough should be non-fermented. The most popular filling is mashed potato but it may also be ragout or millet. A filling is placed on the one half of the flat cake and is covered by the other half. Later, clarified butter is spread on the flat cakes.


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