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Common street food you normally find on the streets of Bangladesh.

1. Dal Puri

Dallpuri, Dalpuri (Bangladeshi)

Dal Puri is a popular snack or street food item made of flour dough that is stuffed with ground boiled channa dal and roasted cumin, flattened, and cooked on a hot pan to make a soft, delicious yellow flatbread.

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2. Jhalmuri

Jhal Muri (Bangladeshi)

Jhalmuri is a popular Bengali/Odia street snack, made by mixing puffed rice and chanachur in a bowl, along with onion, chili, lemon and frequently shaking the bowl. Sometimes it is prepared as a soup with tomato, cumin leaf and cucumber. Sometimes it is served with bowl.

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3. Chotpoti


Chotpoti is a roadside dish popular in Bangladesh (especially among urban people) and West Bengal, India. Chotpoti is thought to be of Bengali origin. It is spicy, sour and hot in taste. The snack is very popular owing to its availability, low price and ease of preparation. It is mostly sold in roadside stands and in various fast food stores. It can also be prepared at home.Chotpoti is a mixture of boiled diced potatoes, boiled chickpeas and sliced onions and …

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