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Philippine cuisine consists of the food, preparation methods and eating customs found in the Philippines. The style of cooking and the food associated with it have evolved over many centuries from its Austronesian origins to a mixed cuisine of Malay, Spanish, Chinese, and American, as well as other Asian and Latin influences adapted to indigenous ingredients and the local palate.

Dishes range from the very simple, like a meal of fried salted fish and rice, to the elaborate paellas and cocidos created for fiestas of Spanish origin, and spaghetti and lasagna of Italian origin. Popular dishes include: lechón (whole roasted pig), longganisa (Philippine sausage), tapa (cured beef), torta (omelette), adobo (chicken and/or pork braised in garlic, vinegar, oil and soy sauce, or cooked until dry), kaldereta (meat in tomato sauce stew), mechado (larded beef in soy and tomato sauce), puchero (beef in bananas and tomato sauce), afritada (chicken and/or pork simmered in a peanut sauce with vegetables), kare-kare (oxtail and vegetables cooked in peanut sauce), pinakbet (kabocha squash, eggplant, beans, okra, and tomato stew flavored with shrimp paste), crispy pata (deep-fried pig's leg), hamonado (pork sweetened in pineapple sauce), sinigang (meat or seafood in sour broth), pancit (noodles), and lumpia (fresh or fried spring rolls).


Pancit, pansit = noodles

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Chicken Adobo

(1 ) (Filipino)

A ubiquitous dish in every household in the Philippines, it's Mexican in origin, but Filipinos found that cooking meat (often ...


(1 ) (Filipino)

Filipino–style spring rolls. The filling varies, but one thing remains the same: You can (and will) inhale them by the ...


(1 ) (Argentine) (Filipino) (-Latin American-)

Consist of two round, sweet biscuits made of wheat flour or corn starch joined together with dulce de leche (known ...

Kinunot Na Pagi

(0 ) Kinunot na Isda (Filipino)

From Philippines Bicol region, Kinunot na Pagi is cooked with coconut milk and chili. The region is known for having ...

Satti De Zamboanga

(0 ) Satti (Filipino)

It is considered a complete meal for Filipinos for it is composed of grilled chicken and puso rice which is ...


(0 ) Pintos (Filipino)

Steamed corn sweet tamales is a native delicacy of Northern Mindanao Philippines. Grated young corn with milk, wrapped in corn ...

Chicken Pancit Lomi

(0 ) Lomi (Chinese) (Filipino)

Sauteed with garlic onions, and chicken shreds simmered in chicken stock. The dish is popular in many restaurants in the ...

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