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Most common food and dishes you find in the Nepal for breakfast.

1. Gwaramari

Round Bread, Gvārāmārī, ग्वारामारी (Nepalese)

Gwaramari are breakfast dumplings made of fried rounds of spiced dough. This is a famous breakfast dish typically served with chutney or milk tea. It's best served warm.

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2. Rikikur

Riki Kur, Aluroti (Nepalese)

Rikikur is a common breakfast dish for Sherpas. ‘Riki’ means potato and ‘kur’ is roti or bread in the Sherpa language, and the dish is just that: Finely grated potatoes mixed with a little flour and cooked in a pan. Traditionally, when modern graters weren’t available, rough surfaced stones were used as grater. Now, graters fashioned from steel plates are common in many a Sherpa family home.


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