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Aachener Printen (German) Aachener Printen
Aachener Printen are a type of Lebkuchen originating from the city of Aachen in Germany. Somewhat similar to gingerbread, Printen were originally sweetened with honey, but for two centuries the tradition is to use a syrup made from ...
Acar Awak (Indonesian) (Malaysian) (Singaporean) Acar Awak
Acar is a type of vegetable pickle made in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. It is a localised version of the Mughlai Achaar. It is known as atjar in Dutch cuisine, derived from Indonesian acar.
Ackee And Saltfish (Jamaican) Ackee And Saltfish
Made from the local fruit ackee and dried and salted cod (salt fish). This is the national dish of Jamaica. It is often served with bread, Jamaican fried dumplings or roasted breadfruit.
Adobong Pusit (Filipino) Adobong Pusit
Fresh squid dish cooked using adobo method. Best with pineapple tidbits and pineapple juice, sauteed with garlic, onion and ginger and boiled with soy sauce and vinegar
Adobo Sa Luyang Dilaw (Filipino) Adobo Sa Luyang Dilaw
Chichen adobo with turmeric tastes spicy and smells good. The turmeric gives a unique flavor to the chicken and its sauce and has a yellowish color.
Afelia (Cypriot) (Greek) Afelia
Afelia is a traditional dish eaten in both Greece and Cyprus. It's usually cooked in an earthenware dish (called tava) in a clay oven. The pork is marinated in red wine with crushed coriander seeds
Agedashi Tofu (Japanese) Agedashi Tofu
Agedashi tofu is a popular appetizer menu at Izakayas and Japanese restaurants. It is actually not difficult to make if you don’t mind deep frying. Sometimes it’s hard to believe a delicious dish like this is easy and ...
Albaloo Polo (Iranian) Albaloo Polo
is is an Iranian (Persian) dish of rice and sour cherries usually served with chicken or koobideh kebab or some form of stew (Khoresht). In Persian, Albaloo means cherry, or more specifically morello cherry. Polo is a style ...
Aloo Ki Tikki (Bangladeshi) (Indian) Aloo Ki Tikki
"Aloo" means potato, and the word "tikki" means a small cutlet or croquette. It is made of boiled potatoes onions and curry and other spices.
Aloo Mutter (Indian) (-Vegetarian-) Aloo Mutter
It is a Punjabi dish from the Indian subcontinent which is made from potatoes and peas in a spiced creamy tomato based sauce. It is a vegetarian dish.