• Traditional Dishes From The Peruvian Jungle

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    1. Juane (Peruvian)

    Seasoned rice and chicken or hen cooked in banana leaf

    2. Tacacho Con Cecina (Peruvian)

    Probably the most well known dish from the jungle region of Peru. Tacacho (fried Plantain) with Cecina (smoked dried pork meat) sometimes it is accompanied with chorizo (sausage)

    3. Inchicapi De Gallina (Peruvian)

    Regional creamy hen soup from the Peruvian jungle made of peanuts, corn and cassava

    4. Masato (Peruvian)

    Masato is a ancient alcoholic drink from the jungle region of Peru. Masato is a fermented drink based on yuca, which is a big tuber with lots of starch and very little ...

    5. Suri (Peruvian)

    These Amazonian grubs are the larvae of the palm weevil, known as a cocotero in Peru or a larva de palma in Spanish. They are commonly found residing in the aguaje tree, ...