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Yaksha Shakam
If there’s a meat that can be argued as better than dried beef, it’s dried yak meat. Yak is similar tasting to beef, but it has a little bit of a different fragrance, and it supposedly is quite ...
This dish is yalanchi, or vegetarian stuffed grape leaves. In Turkish, yalanchi means "fake." It refers to the fact that these stuffed grape leaves do not contain meat. They are, therefore, fake stuffed grape leaves. If they were ...
Yam Makeua Yao
Salad made of roasted eggplant mixed with chilies, dry shrimp, shallots, and all dressed in lime juice and fish sauce.
Yam Naem Khao Tod
Thai snack dish that includes lightly curried croquettes of fried rice, made into balls, broken apart, and mixed lightly fermented pig skin and pork, seasoned, and mixed into a salad.
Yam Ruam Mit Talay
A popular Thai street food to eat is a mixed mung bean noodle salad. The clear noodles are often mixed with your choice of seafood and and then are nicely flavored with lime juice.
Sweet, sour, & spicy Korean fried chicken.
It is a deep-fried treat is said to get its name from Johnnycakes, brought over by English-speaking migrants in the 19th century. However, yaniqueque are made with flour instead of cornmeal and are completely different from American johnnycakes.
Yaprak Sarma
It is wrapped vine leaves with a filling of rice, onion and spices like mint, currant, pepper and cinnamon.
Yarpag Dolmasi
One of traditional dish of Azerbaijani region. Yarpag Dolmasi are traditionally stuffed with ground lamb and/or beef, rice, onions, and herbs.
It is a Japanese confectionery sold mainly as a souvenir sweet (miyagegashi). It is one of the best known meibutsu (famous regional products) of Kyoto. It is made from glutinous rice flour (上新粉? jōshinko), sugar and cinnamon. Baked, ...