• Venezuelan Christmas Dishes

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Dishes served in Venezuela around the holidays

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    1. Ensalada De Gallina (Venezuelan)

    Chicken salad is any salad with chicken as a main ingredient. Other common ingredients may include mayonnaise, hard-boiled egg, celery, onion, pepper, pickles and a variety of mustards. Wikipedia

    2. Dulce De Lechoza (Venezuelan)

    Sweet made of Papaya

    3. Pernil De Cerdo (Venezuelan)

    Roasted pig leg served mainly for Christmas

    4. Hallaca (-Latin American-) (Venezuelan)

    It is corn dough stuffed with a stew of beef, pork, and chicken, fish or other seafoods in some places, and it is "adorned" with raisins, capers, olives and wedges of fowl ...

    5. Pan De Jamon (Venezuelan)

    Pan de jamón is a typical Venezuelan Christmas bread, filled with ham, fried bacon, raisins and green olives, most commonly with red or green pepper. Wikipedia

    6. Ponche Crema (Trinidadian) (Venezuelan)

    Ponche crema is a Venezuelan and Trinidadian cream-based liqueur. Recipes vary depending on the region, but main ingredients typically include milk, eggs, sugar, rum, and other minor ingredients such as vanilla, nutmeg, ...