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The major activity of the Bashkir people was the seminomadic cattle breeding, and tribes followed the horse herds and sheep. This way of living provided the people with original culture, traditions, customs and peculiar national cuisine.

The combination of meat and milk products with grain and flour products became the basics of Bashkir people’s cuisine. They also used honey from wild and domestic bees, meat of woodland birds and animals, fish, roots, grass and berries.

First of all, they ate the meat of domestic animals (horse, sheep, and cows), as well as the meat of the animals they hunted (hares, goats, elk, and bears). One of the most popular meals was Bishbarmak made of horsemeat or mutton showered with shurpa (broth). Bishbarmak is the most traditional and famous meals for hosting guests. It was made of fresh meat only. Meat was cooked for several hours, then cut into small pieces, added large pieces of noodles and dough. Bishbarmak means “five fingers” because they used hands to eat it.


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