Brazilean Cuisine 71

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Acarajé is a traditional street food in Brazil, it is especially popular in the state of Bahia.
Anthill Cake
It is called an Anthill Cake, because it resembles an anthill. This cake tastes like tiny cookies covered in caramel. When it soaks overnight, flavors are absorbed into the cookies, making it a killer cake.
Arroz Con Pollo
This traditional Brazilian variation of the Spanish and Latin-American classic dish. This dish comes from the northeastern Brazilian state of Piauí, one of the hottest, driest and poorest regions in the country.
A popular Brazilian sandwich. The traditional recipe calls for cheese (usually mozzarella) melted in a bain-marie, slices of roast beef, tomato and pickled cucumber in a French bun with the crumb (the soft inner part) removed.
Beer Brigadeiros
It's a sweet treat inspired by Brazil's most famous chocolate fudge balls. It has become a contemporary trend in Brazil.
is a typical Brazilian birthday party candy prepared with condensed milk, grated desiccated coconut, rolled over caster sugar or grated coconut and topped with a clove.
Beijinho De Coco
This is a delicious traditional coconut dessert from Brazil.
It's a popular street food of Brazil.
Bem Casado
Essentially, it is a cookie-sandwiche , where the “cookie” part is more like a cake than a cookie. A genoise batter is piped and baked until lightly golden brown. Then the two “cakes” are filled with dulce de ...
Berry Caipile
It's contemporary Brazilian cocktail drink inspired by Brazil's national cocktail, caipirinha.